Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Projects!

These are glass pendants I made with a kit I got from Annie Howes on Etsy. They were super fun and super easy to make. Aren't they gorgeous?

This necklace was handmade for my sister, Neva. It is two pieces of shrink plastic joined together by a jump ring. The bottom piece was colored a solid color, and the top piece has a hand drawn image on it. After baking, both pieces were coated with Glossy Accents. Then, the pendant was strung on satin ribbon fitted with a clasp.

These are additional designs I made. I liked the one I made for Neva so much, that I made another! Here is my inspiration.

These pet tags were handmade for my cousin, Marissa. She told me what designs she had in mind and these are what I came up with. In Microsoft Word, I used the drawing features and some imported images to create the backgrounds. Then I used word art to superimpose her cats' names on the tag. Each was printed on Shrinky Dinks for inkjet printers, baked, and coated with a sealant.

Still to come, Mother's Day gifts. I have to wait until they all receive them before I post pictures!


  1. Those are so dang awesome!! I want to make some!!

  2. I'm so glad you link your awesome projects! Sorry I didn't see it earlier. I added your links to the last Tuesday's CC posting. The pendants really are quite stunning. You are one talented lady!