Saturday, April 25, 2009

Shadow Boxes!

One of my favorite things to do is to make gifts. A really neat and inexpensive idea for a gift is to make a shadow box for a wedding invitation. I just use the invitation that was sent to me. I usually make them for brides-to-be and give them at their bridal shower (Yes, Cynthia, you will be getting one of these...Surprise!). Here are a few examples:

Flowers and Tulle

This box has tulle with silk flowers and pearls scattered on it.

Simple Elegance
You can't see it in this picture, but the back ground is a textured piece of scrap book paper. This is an easy way to add visual interest while keeping things simple. There are pearls scattered around the silk flowers.

Calla Lilies and Pearls

It's hard to see the embellishments, but there are little pearls all over this calla lily box.

Black and White Rhinestone
All the little dots you see are sparkly little rhinestones.

Flowers and Pearls
There is a back ground of tulle in this box.

Each box cost about $15 to make (includes the frame and embellishments). To make one of these, just get a shadow box, 8 x 10 is usually a good size, and a piece of scrapbook paper or card stock for the background. Make sure the paper you choose is compatible with the theme of the invitation. Then, you need embellishments. You can use things you have around the house, like leftover ribbon or scrap booking materials, or you can buy a few things. The clearance section of your local craft store is a great place to look. Silk flowers and beads are a great way to decorate these. Then, just glue it all together, put it into the frame, and Voila!

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  1. Gorgeous! What a great idea. I'm sure they are a coveted bridal shower gift! I really like the black and white rhinestone one. The flowers look really cool! Thank you so much for linking up!!